Birth Bliss...
your essential companion for pregnancy and birth.

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Deep Bliss - Anna Papadakis

Birth Bliss is a combination of 6 individual hypnosis tracks designed to help you to feel safe and relaxed. BirthBliss enables you to have a more trust-filled, calm and empowered pregnancy, labour and birth experience.


With a beautiful, trance-inducing soundtrack and a direct and warm Australian voice, it is pleasurable and easy to listen to.


BirthBliss uses the power of hypnosis and relaxation to program your subconscious mind to easily relax and trust in the birth process in a gentle and empowering way,


Whether you are pregnant, in the middle of your labour, a new mum or any time you just want to feel good... simply lay back, put your headphones on and let yourself be taken into the deepest, easiest, loveliest relaxed state!



"I wish you the most amazing, fulfilling birth experience possible!"

Anna Papadakis.


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