About Birth Hypnosis

What I love about hypnosis is the fact that everything is better when you are relaxed. Your inherent balance, wisdom and clarity all come much easier when you are relaxed, it just works!


When a woman trusts her body and is able to surrender to labour and all of her amazing hormones kick in, she enters what is known as the “trance of labour”. She is in an altered state of consciousness, her thinking mind recedes and her primal mind takes over. This is the body’s design and can happen more easily when a woman is undisturbed, unhurried and confidant in herself.


Birth Hypnosis is a method for learning and practicing how to enter an altered state of consciousness and drop into deep relaxation, whilst saturating your subconscious with empowering messages about birth.

It enables you to have the ability to relax and trust. When you are in labour your mind lets go and you relax, your experience of pain is less, your stress levels are lower making labour shorter, more bearable, calmer and less complicated. The process is so deeply relaxing and the information about birth so reassuring
thatyouwillfeelwonderfulpracticing birth hypnosis.


Anna Papadakis, founder of Opening to Life and creator of the Birth Hypnosis training has over 17 years experience and wide range of expertise in the birth field. Her vision is for each and every woman to have the best birth possible for her.


She also specialises in Body Centred Therapy for Birth... see more at annapapadakis.com.au and Placenta Encapsulation see more at openigntolife.com.au




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