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  1. Trusting Birth
    Dropping down into deep relaxation with deep comforting messages assisting you to understand that your body knows how to birth and you can trust birth.


  2. Softening and Opening
    Designed to be able to loop through your labour, assisting you to stay deeply relaxed and able to soften and surrender to your body and the birthing process.


  3. Deep Bliss I
    Music to assist you to drift and drop. Designed to be in the background while you practice, relax or just go about your daily business. When you listen to this you will automatically slip into a deep, relaxed, trance state.


  4. Mother Love
    Oxytocin and endorphin release. Take a moment for yourself in the busy time of mothering your baby and experience a wondrous saturation of your love hormones, connecting you to your unlimited source of love and giving you a well deserved deep rest.


  5. This Perfect Moment
    For everyday life, (
    notpregnancyorbirth related) to assist you to remember and connect with the perfection of this very moment.

  6. Deep Bliss II
    More music to bliss out to.



CD purchases also available... contact me for more info.

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