Directions for a blissful birth

1. Listen every day

  • Listening is your relaxation practice. It is bringing relaxation into your life as a natural response mechanism. It is also enabling the positive suggestions in the tracks to be anchored into your subconscious mind, becoming a part of your belief system.

  • You are learning self-hypnosis – listening to the tracks is the key to your success.


2. Listen any time during the day

  • Listening to your CD is a great way to have some deep rest in a short period of time. 20 minutes of deep relaxation is equal to 2 hours of sleep.

  • During a lunch break or the afternoon slump is a great time to listen.

  • It is also wonderful to listen to your CD as you are going to sleep in the evening. It is still effective if you go to sleep.

  • Your subconscious mind is receiving the messages in the first part of your sleep cycle during the first 20 minutes before you go into the deep REM sleep.


3. Just relax

  • You do not have to try to relax and you do not have to concentrate hard on the words in the tracks. You do not even have to agree with the words. The process of relaxation will happen automatically, just by listening.

  • If you feel distracted and want to re-focus, then simply bring your attention back to the words or to your own breath. Remember it is your conscious mind that is thinking or distracted, your subconscious is still listening.


4. Make sure you are comfortable

  • Have your phone turned off, cover yourself with a snuggly blanket, and give yourself this uninterrupted time.

  • It is ok to move or scratch or change positions, you will not disturb the process of relaxation by adjusting your position.

  • You can cover yourself in a lovely wrap or shawl each time you listen. Your shawl becomes a trigger for the feeling of relaxation to help you relax quicker and easier each time. During labour the shawl will help you immediately relax.

5. Share the CD with your birthing team

  • The CD and the relaxation process is great for partners and support people to listen to. Relaxation is infectious! The more relaxed the people with the birthing woman are, the easier it is for her to relax.

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