Birth Bliss Experiences

"Dear Anna, your playlist is beautiful! I started the day with your first meditation and it was amazing!" 
Stephanie - soon to be mum!


"I've listened to many birth meditations and Anna's 'Birth Bliss' album stands alone. Anna's voice and hand-picked words are the most soothing, connected and relaxing I've heard. Having a meditation to listen to in an Australian voice makes is so much easier to drop in and feel comfortable to relax immediately. The music and flow of her voice are so perfect together, making it almost impossible not to drift off into a beautiful place within. Using these meditations has had a profound impact on my level of surrender and getting me in the best possible headspace for birth."
Bree Downs - Doula, Birth Educator and mother.

Reconnecting in a very graceful and rest-filled way to the innate wisdom within my body to birth my baby. Settling into my breath, trusting my body, trusting my baby. The chatter of the mind slips away and I can surrender to the breath, witness the sensations and allow my body to do what it knows what to do. A divine practice to quell the fears of labour and birth, thank you, Anna, for this gift xxx

 Mara McCleary – mother of 2.


"Let us teach women to listen. Not with their ears or their mind, but with their breath. Be comfortable, be warm, be nourished. Breathe in... breathe out.... breathe slowly. Find your inner rhythm. Trust in the wisdom of those who have birthed before you. Surrender to all sensations that you feel and know that you and your baby are safe, are able and are powerful. This is birth. A gentle, present and empowered birth. Thank-you Anna from the depths of my heart and soul for creating and sharing this course. I feel honoured to pass on your teachings."
Claire Sadler- Doula, Birth Hypnosis Educator

"A mumma I was doula to found listening to Birth Bliss an anchor and deep meditation as she travelled to the birth suite. She expressed your voice was calming and your voice strong and holding. I loved it too... thank you from new mumma and me."
Sally Prescott - Doula

"Your guided meditations were so helpful before and during the birth. They helped me to relax and also to free up my feelings and have a cry when I needed to. Thank you so much for your support and guidance."
Isobel -  mother of three.

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